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Get Cash Back for Shopping
We'll tell you which stores to shop at, you take a photo of your receipt, and we'll give you cash back. It's really that simple! Download Find&Save for both iPhone and Android.
Download Find&Save for both iPhone and Android.

Cash Dash – Earn Cash for Shopping

Cash Dash - Limited Time Offer

How it works

Follow these five simple steps to start earning cash when you shop.

  1. Get the app.

    Install the Find&Save app on your phone, and you'll start receiving Cash Dash offers. Available for iPhone and Android.

  2. Get notified.

    We'll send you a Cash Dash Alert when you're near an eligible store, just in time to earn you cash.

  3. Go shopping.

    Choose an offer and go shopping. Offers typically require a minimum purchase to earn your reward, so remember to read the details!

  4. Upload your receipt.

    You'll be able to take a photo of your receipt and upload it, all from inside the app.

  5. Get paid!

    We'll review your receipt, and then deposit your reward into your account. Keep tabs on your offers and payouts using the Cash Dash inbox in the app.